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A Beautiful Wisconsin Day

May 17


Today, Myles and I rode with Dad through the green valleys
around our house. It is so beautiful living here in Wisconsin.
I wish my friends in Tuvalu would visit me this summer.  I know they would love it here.  I could also teach them about foraging for different edible plants up the valley and in the prairie.

The winter might be too cold for them but I think they would enjoy snow shoeing, sledding and even ice fishing too.

Reading to my favorite tree

Jul 01

Reading to my favorite treeI like Summer because I have more time to read to Asimina. Asimina is a beautiful Paw Paw tree on a small hill near my house. When I go to read to her my friends come with me to listen to the story. Asimina has big pretty flowers that later in the Summer turn into delicious fruit that tastes like mangoes, and bananas, and pineapple. We plant the seeds from the Paw Paw fruits to grow new Paw Paw trees that is also why we love Asimina so much.

Kickapoo River log homes

Jun 24

Kickapoo River homesMy friends and I saw so many amazing things on our trip in the Kickapoo River. My mom and dad gave me a book about native Wisconsin plants and birds. We saw so many kinds of birds and beautiful flowers. There were big snapping turtles, and cute small, pretty. painted turtles sunning themselves on the logs that had fallen into the river. Some logs were places where birds relaxed other logs were new homes for bright green moss, and tall thin grasses. The logs in the water were floating homes for so many happy animals along our trip down the Kickapoo