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Happy Spring Wisconsin!

Mar 27

springishereToday the sun was out! The snow is melting off our roof and dripping on to our porch. We have a lot of snow around the Kickapoo Valley, so I can still use my snow

I don’t want to forget to tell you that I am growing snow peas, lettuce, and tomatoes in my hoop houses! I am also building a terrarium that people can put on their bikes.

But the most important thing to report is Spring is here, and the Red wing Blackbirds have returned too!

Today I went up the hill behind our house and looked at Asimina my favorite tree in the whole world. She is so beautiful every season. I imagined it was Summer and I was visiting her,
with Myles, and my forest friends. I imagined she had Paw Paw fruit in her branches and that we would be bringing the harvest to our house.

Reading to my favorite tree

Jul 01

Reading to my favorite treeI like Summer because I have more time to read to Asimina. Asimina is a beautiful Paw Paw tree on a small hill near my house. When I go to read to her my friends come with me to listen to the story. Asimina has big pretty flowers that later in the Summer turn into delicious fruit that tastes like mangoes, and bananas, and pineapple. We plant the seeds from the Paw Paw fruits to grow new Paw Paw trees that is also why we love Asimina so much.