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Hopping for tomatoes

Aug 29

Hopping for tomatoesDear Diary,
Today my friends and I invented a game. The game is simple to play. Each time we saw a tomato on the vine growing in our garden we hopped. So far, I have hopped 127 times. I had to take a break for lunch but I am going back outside to hop some more. Some of my friends did not stop hopping I don’t know where they are right now. I hope they are not lost.

Hoophouses & handbaskets

May 05

Hoophouse cartoon


My school does not have a lot of money so my family helps however we can by donating vegetables for the lunch program. Yesterday I picked green onions, chives, and big, red, aeroponic tomatoes from our hoophouse. I am very excited to bring my vegetables to our cafeteria’s kitchen tomorrow!