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A Beautiful Wisconsin Day

May 17


Today, Myles and I rode with Dad through the green valleys
around our house. It is so beautiful living here in Wisconsin.
I wish my friends in Tuvalu would visit me this summer.  I know they would love it here.  I could also teach them about foraging for different edible plants up the valley and in the prairie.

The winter might be too cold for them but I think they would enjoy snow shoeing, sledding and even ice fishing too.

My ducks plant vegetables

May 24

Toy duck planters

Seed planting toy ducks

Today, I am planting the seeds of native vegetable and fruit plants. My dad made me these special, toy ducks out of barn wood for planting seeds. They are five, cute yellow ducks in two rows! When I pull the wooden ducks they dig the dirt, plant and then cover the seeds with soil in my beautiful vegetable garden.

Learn more about farming:

Bear and rabbit picnic

May 21

Wisconsin Black BearThis afternoon Mildred and Nellie invited me to go on a picnic with them in the forest. Mildred made a lovely pasta salad, and Nellie brought vegetable chili. They made the food from what they found in the forest, except the pasta, and chili peppers,
and I gave them some of that and our home grown, tomatoes.

Hoophouses & handbaskets

May 05

Hoophouse cartoon


My school does not have a lot of money so my family helps however we can by donating vegetables for the lunch program. Yesterday I picked green onions, chives, and big, red, aeroponic tomatoes from our hoophouse. I am very excited to bring my vegetables to our cafeteria’s kitchen tomorrow!

Max and Baxter earn hay

May 05

Max and Baxter local oxen

Max and Baxter cute Oxen

My friend and classmate Kirby has two oxen one named Baxter the other is named Max.
Kirby’s dad uses Max and Baxter to take these great, big, dead logs from deep inside the forest, and bring them down, down, down to the bottom of the hills. Kirby’s dad builds all kinds of things out of wood, houses for people, to cute bird houses, and even bat houses! Jazzbat’s home was made by Kirby’s dad.