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Collecting prairie seeds

Sep 10

prairie seed harvestWow today is a very fun day I am out in the prairie with my friends harvesting the seeds from all kinds of wild flowers and plants. These plants are native to Wisconsin. It is very easy to collect the seeds. I remove the seeds from the wild flowers and seed pods using my hands.

My friends the hens use their beaks to remove the seeds, but sometimes they eat the seed because they are hungry. After we collect the seeds we put them in a bag to let them naturally mature, and later we put them in paper bags and store them in a cool place ( 55F is a nice temperature!)

Hens need food

Jun 05

Feeding the hens

Feeding time for the hens

This morning I fed the hens, or girls as my mom and dad call them. This morning was so warm, all the chickens were out walking everywhere, scratching with their claws, pecking the ground with their beaks, and making their cute noises.

Myles has to stay inside the house since some of the chickens are not familiar with him like Haley and Ophelia are.

Morrie the Electric Truck

May 05

missing post for Morrie the electric truck
Today my dad drove Morrie the electric truck to Madison. I of course went with him
since we do not have school this week! Morrie helped us bring fresh onions, and morels to the public market near Madison’s famous capitol square.

There were lots of farmers from all over Wisconsin at the market. Myles slept next to me on the seat on our trip. He was tired from running up and down the hills with me and Isabel.

Amish jams

May 05

I walked down the long gravel road with my dad and Myles to my friend Isabel’s farm store. My best friend Isabel, and her brother Jeb were working in their family’s store. Their mom and aunt make some very delicious jams, candy, bread and muffins. We bought three jars of jam. I of course picked my favorite mixed berry and my dad likes strawberry rhubarb jams.

Stomping on flowers

May 05

Today my friend Isabel and I crushed, and stepped on dried flowers that we got from the prairie in my backyard. We used our hands to break pods, and dried flowers so we can take the seeds and plant them in our small clay pots. We are growing the pretty flowers now so we can sell them in the summer at the farmer’s market! I want to give my mom and dad the money I got from selling the flowers to help them give money to farmers in Mongolia, and people around the world that need clean water, and help for their store or farm.

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