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45 Wisconsin Birds

May 25


It is a Great Year.

I am not sure if I have seen 45 birds yet.  Seeing one bird is enough
happiness for a whole day.

Smell Research Project

May 25

Beatrice's flower smell project

Dear Diary,

The prairie in the valley around my farm is so beautiful today. Everywhere I look there are flowers blooming, so many colors, pinks, purples, whites, blues, and yellows.  I don’t know if my nose can survey all the flowers for my research I might sneeze a giant boulder onto our barn by the cliffs as Dad says. He thinks my sneezes might create an avalanche that comes down the bluffs onto our house.   I know he is kidding but Mom’s sneezes are much worse she has a double one.  She starts with a tiny, mouse-sized, sneeze that is followed by an enormous, dinosaur blast.  I am sorry I got a little lost here the topic is my Smell Project.

The good new is I did get to smell the Phlox blooming in the prairie and the Lilac bushes blooming by my house. I like the smell of both flowers so it is hard to decide which one scores the highest.

I think according to my smell chart, I rank both flowers as LOVELY.
Maybe I need to redo my chart since I am ranking a lot of flowers
as LOVELY lately.

Geography Bee for me!

May 26

Beatrice dreams of Geography Bee

Beatrice trains for Geography Bee

Dear journal, my favorite subject is geography as I told you earlier. I like the class because we learn about people from different countries, and all the capitals too! Sometimes our teacher has a geography bee in class. I always like to compete especially against the boys. I am very good at guessing most of the country’s capitals. Someday I will know “hello” and “thank you” in every country’s language and will be in the state geography bee.

Bear and rabbit picnic

May 21

Wisconsin Black BearThis afternoon Mildred and Nellie invited me to go on a picnic with them in the forest. Mildred made a lovely pasta salad, and Nellie brought vegetable chili. They made the food from what they found in the forest, except the pasta, and chili peppers,
and I gave them some of that and our home grown, tomatoes.

Hoophouses & handbaskets

May 05

Hoophouse cartoon


My school does not have a lot of money so my family helps however we can by donating vegetables for the lunch program. Yesterday I picked green onions, chives, and big, red, aeroponic tomatoes from our hoophouse. I am very excited to bring my vegetables to our cafeteria’s kitchen tomorrow!