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Stinky Sunfish

Apr 17
Myles the Cairn Terrier

Myles carrying a stinky fish

As I mentioned to you yesterday, I am starting a Great Year LIST for
WISCONSIN FISH. I know I said I am including any Wisconsin fish I
eat in the list. Yuck! I did not think about seeing one of the fish
on my list carried away by Myles. He found a dead,
ORANGE SPOTTED SUNFISH by the side of the Kickapoo River and was
carrying it around in his mouth!

I chased after Myles and told him to drop the fish, but that made him only run faster. Finally, I yelled “Yummies! Yummies!,” and he stopped
in his tracks and turned around. YUMMIES are the word we taught him for
snacks, or treats.

Myles walked up to me with the fish in his mouth and then sat politely
in front of me waiting for me to give him a snack! Then I said “Drop It!”
and he carefully let the fish fall out of his mouth onto the rocks.
I picked up the rotten fish by the tail and threw it into the river.

I am happy I found you!

Apr 09

Dear Diary,

I have not written in you for over a month. Why? I forgot where
I put you. I think the last time I wrote I had to give Myles a bath
before I went to bed. I also had to brush Myles’ fur and when I put away his brush I also put you away in a closet where we keep the dog supplies.

I am happy to find you diary. You must have missed me. I found you just in time for one of my favorite months April. April is one of my favorite months because people around the world celebrate Earth Day
and Arbor Day!

Myles’ favorite game

Jan 19

Today I played with Myles in our house after school since it was so cold outside. Brrr! He invented a game where he sits at the top of the back stairs in our house and drops his ball down the steps to me. Boing, boing, boing the ball bounces down each step to me as I try to catch it. I then throw the ball up the stairs to him and Myles catches it with his mouth and then waits for me to ask him to drop the ball down the steps again. Mom and dad said that Myles really taught me how to fetch well.

Myles toy ball is made from old plastic bottles and wood scraps. I don’t know how to make a toy like this. My mom told me that the U.S ‘s Forest Product Laboratory is in Madison, Wisconsin where scientists research about making new products from wood and recycled plastic.

Forest Products Laboratory USDA Forest Service in Madison.

What kind of games does your dog like to play?

Tomato bath for Myles

Jun 01

Tomato bath for my dog

Myles takes a tomato bath

Yesterday afternoon, Myles went out by himself in the forest. When he came back home he smelled stinky. We had to give Myles a bath in tomato juice. He got sprayed by a skunk . “We still love you even when you are stinky” my mom said to Myles. My mom and dad laughed. Myles looked down at his paws.