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A Beautiful Wisconsin Day

May 17


Today, Myles and I rode with Dad through the green valleys
around our house. It is so beautiful living here in Wisconsin.
I wish my friends in Tuvalu would visit me this summer.  I know they would love it here.  I could also teach them about foraging for different edible plants up the valley and in the prairie.

The winter might be too cold for them but I think they would enjoy snow shoeing, sledding and even ice fishing too.

Commuting by Ice boat

Feb 16

         Dear diary,
         Today I went to school with my friends Cecile and Edna on my
         new igloo ICE boat. We sailed along the very, very frozen Kickapoo          river and through the farm fields of our friends to commute to          work. Eric, who is a timber wolf, came with us in case we ran into          any problems with a rough gang of squirrels that hangs out          near the forest on Krebson’s farm close to the school. Ophelia the          hen sat at the front of the boat as our look out.

         My ice boat is of course made of ice. But all parts on the boat are          upcycled from other things we found in our barn. I use an old          ski boot on a ski to steer the ice boat. The ice boat has four big old          skis so it moves quickly through the snow. The sail is made of          antique, empty, grain bags, and the wood is all from a
         broken barn.

Can you think of different ways you can get to school without using a car?

Chipmunk watching friends

Sep 06

chipmunk watching audienceToday Myles watched the chipmunks out our screen porch door with two of his friends Cecilia the hen and Harold the bunny. I think I heard Harold say he saw the chipmunks wearing very small hard hats and carrying a tiny ladder. Cecilia commented on how the chipmunks seemed very secretive. Myles barked a few times but mostly he moved his head around while his tail quickly wagged back and forth.

On and Off

Jul 18

Turn off the lights after leaving the roomDear Diary, here is another simple tip to help the planet my friends and I thought of. Turn off the lights when you leave a room. I always remember to turn off the light after I use the bathroom at the library in our town. Thank you!

Reading to my favorite tree

Jul 01

Reading to my favorite treeI like Summer because I have more time to read to Asimina. Asimina is a beautiful Paw Paw tree on a small hill near my house. When I go to read to her my friends come with me to listen to the story. Asimina has big pretty flowers that later in the Summer turn into delicious fruit that tastes like mangoes, and bananas, and pineapple. We plant the seeds from the Paw Paw fruits to grow new Paw Paw trees that is also why we love Asimina so much.

Cotton Candy Tree

Jun 13

cotton candy treeSome friends in my town make organic cotton candy. They use their own sugar,
and coloring from cherries on their farm to make the best cotton candy in Wisconsin. Spring makes the apple orchards bloom with pink flowers and look like a huge forest of giant cotton candy trees.