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A Beautiful Wisconsin Day

May 17


Today, Myles and I rode with Dad through the green valleys
around our house. It is so beautiful living here in Wisconsin.
I wish my friends in Tuvalu would visit me this summer.  I know they would love it here.  I could also teach them about foraging for different edible plants up the valley and in the prairie.

The winter might be too cold for them but I think they would enjoy snow shoeing, sledding and even ice fishing too.

Top five books only

May 21

top five no top ten favorite booksToday, my dad took me to the library. I think I was there for eight hours there were so many books I wanted to read. Every time I walked to another shelf there was another book I wanted to read. When the librarian told us that the library was closing in fifteen minutes I didn’t know what to do. My dad said I had pick out my top five favorite books out of all the ones I wanted to read. He then changed his mind and said “oh okay top ten.”

Travis the composter

May 09

Travis the hungry composterAfter dinner, if our family has left over food scraps my dad will say “Travis is hungry.” Travis is always hungry, and we feed him lots of food like orange peels, apple cores, walnut shells, fish bones, coffee grinds, potato peelings, tea bags, and egg shells.

Today, we are feeding Travis rhubarb stems, onion skins, burned toast, some of Myles’ fur, pencil shavings, dust bunnies, and olive pits. Yuck. Travis turns the yucky food into beautiful nutrients we use to feed our fruit and vegetable gardens.

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