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Apple Season

Aug 31

apple seasonThe apples are here! The apples are here! Yesterday our family went to an apple orchard near our house. We picked so many kinds of apples. There are Lodi apples, Johnathan apples, Ida Red apples, Cortland apples and they are all delicious. I like this one apple it looks like a potato and tastes like an orange. Those apples are not available until the peak of apple season in October. I can’t wait! My dad said we picked over 20 pounds of apples. He is confident that we will eat all of them.

Myles makes Gray Water

Aug 30

Gray water captureDear Diary, today we gave Myles a bath. He does not mind getting a bath in the summer because he knows the water cools him down. He is a very helpful dog he lifts each of his paws so we can clean each of his legs. When we were finished washing Myles we remove the water from the bathtub with small, recycled plastic pots. We use Myles’ bath water for watering the indoor herb garden in our kitchen.

Bath water is REUSABLE and also known as GRAY WATER. Why is it called gray water? It is called gray water because the water looks gray from the dirt and soap. You can also use the gray water from washing dishes in the kitchen to water your garden too!

Hopping for tomatoes

Aug 29

Hopping for tomatoesDear Diary,
Today my friends and I invented a game. The game is simple to play. Each time we saw a tomato on the vine growing in our garden we hopped. So far, I have hopped 127 times. I had to take a break for lunch but I am going back outside to hop some more. Some of my friends did not stop hopping I don’t know where they are right now. I hope they are not lost.

Cute mobiles

Aug 19

Hand made mobilesToday, my friends and I made mobiles from the recycled papers we found at the paper co-op in our town. The mobiles are so cute, and easy to make. To start, find six sheets of recycled colored paper that you like. Next, begin by drawing flowers, or trees or birds, on your colored recycled paper. Now draw some circles that are large enough to surround your cute flowers, or trees on a piece paper.

Make sure you have two pieces of paper paired together for each circle and the cute drawing you made. Now use mom or dad approved scissors and cut out your flowers or trees out. When you are done cutting you will have two flowers or trees. Cut out your circles so you have six circles. Finally, glue the two circles together and two cute flowers to each side of some used or recycled black string.

And now you have your own mobile that you made yourself!.

Non-smelling cute flowers

Aug 19

Beatrice's flower smell project
Dear Diary,

Today I smelled the latest flowers blooming in our prairie, Black-eyed Susans, and Golden Rod. Neither of them are very good for your nose, and actually I wish I did not smell them because I sneezed, twice! But these two flowers are very pretty and my friends and I hope moms and dads let kids go outside and explore the prairies near them. I am still doing my smell research project. Thank you!

Do your own flower hunting with the summer guide for prairie flowers
from the Illinois DNR:

Chipmunk hunting

Aug 18

Chipmunk hunter

Myles spent the entire day looking out the sliding glass door on our porch watching chipmunks. Myles head moved back and forth as he watched the chipmunks. His ears twitched as he listened closely to what the chipmunks might be saying about him or our house. Maybe the chipmunks were not talking at all, but they were noisy for Myles.

When you have a healthy, backyard garden animals will live and play in it. And a healthy backyard garden helps animals and the planet.