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Susan the weather vane

Jul 29

Susan the professional weathervaneMy crazy friend Susan the Hen wants to be a professional weather vane. Today we saw her sitting on top of our barn. We watched her for a long time. Sometimes Susan the hen would lift her left wing sometimes her right. Sometimes she stood up on the tip of the roof and spun around on her feet. I think she would make a good weather vane. But, there is one thing I don’t understand. Susan is a chicken, and chickens can’t fly. How did Susan get on roof of the barn to begin with?

My Smell Project continues

Jul 28

Beatrice's flower smell projectDear Diary, I added one of my favorite flowers to my smell project today. I love the Chickory flowers they are so beautiful bluish purple, and look like pompoms. I have never smelled them before so I was excited. I put my nose down into the flower and took a big whiff, nothing. The Chickory flower is so beautiful but does not smell. That’s okay they are still one of my favorite flowers. I think my next research project I will make a list of my favorite flowers that do not smell.

Tree Rescue

Jul 22

Love a tree and it will love youLove a tree and it will love you and the earth back. My dad and I rescued some trees today that were being thrown away by a store in our town. The store owner was sad because he could not help the trees now since no one was buying them. The summer is very hot now and the trees looked so sad, the leaves were gone. My dad told the nice store owner we can help him we will make the trees healthy again. The store owner agreed to give the trees to us!

The trees now are happy they all have green leaves and stand very tall and proud. Love a tree and it will love us all.

Muskrat Vaudeville Show

Jul 20

Muskrat Vaudeville

The number one Muskrat Vaudeville Show on Earth

Today I got to see the Muskrat Vaudeville Show for the first time. My dad was right it was so much fun. So many talented muskrats live near me. One of the most exciting things I saw was muskrat gymnasts making a pyramid. They are all so cute too!

Muskrats are also very gregarious, they like to be around a big pile of other muskrats especially during the winter to stay warm and share
a communal space for water.

On and Off

Jul 18

Turn off the lights after leaving the roomDear Diary, here is another simple tip to help the planet my friends and I thought of. Turn off the lights when you leave a room. I always remember to turn off the light after I use the bathroom at the library in our town. Thank you!

Vertical Farming Tree

Jul 18

Vertical Farming TreeToday I visited one of the Vertical Farming Trees near our Earth Clubhouse. We have many Vertical Farming Trees around our farm. These trees are made by Kirby’s father out of metal. We grow most of our vegetables on these special trees. When it is Spring we plant the vegetable seeds in small holes on the trees’s branches. Recycled water, and nutrients flow through the metal branches of the trees to feed our growing vegetable plants.

Vertical Farming Trees help us use less land on our farm since the vegetable plants growing on these trees do not need to grow in the ground. We use less land on our farm for growing vegetables with these trees so we have more room to plant more native WISCONSIN plants in the ground to help the earth breathe better!

Happy New Chair

Jul 13

Happy New ChairToday, my dad found an old chair under the hay in our barn. I helped him clean the old dusty chair with soap and water. My Dad said we can make the old chair happy and new if we paint it in new bright colors. The old chair looked so sad but we did not want to throw it out. My father has a friend that makes milk paint in all kinds of colors. Milk paint is safe and very earth friendly. I used milk paint and painted the chair in pink, green, and purple, and some other color I forgot which one. I also painted cute flowers on and we now have a happy new chair on our porch. The End.

Turn off the water!

Jul 12

brush more use less waterMy friends in our Earth Clubhouse are creating simple, helpful tips to save the planet! Today’s tip: Turn off the water when you brush your teeth. You will save gallons of water each day! And of course always use a tooth brush made of 100% recycled plastic.
Thank you!

Making a cute recycling box

Jul 11

cute recycling boxMy friends and I have another idea for a small project at home to help save the planet. 1. Find a big box in your home. Boxes make a great place for putting recycling things in.

2. Make the box into a very, cute recycling box by gluing colorful, construction paper with non-toxic paste to the sides, or you can paint the sides, or draw on them. You can draw a silly face on the recycling box like I did, or flowers, or trees or a smiling earth. It is better if you find colored paper to cover your box that is 100% post-consumer, or recycled!

3. Your new cute recycling box is ready to use. You, your mom, or dad can start saving the planet by putting used papers, cardboard, glass or plastic containers (with the recycling logo) in your cute recycling box!

Opposites Day

Jul 08

Today is Opposites Day. For Opposites Day I am wearing my flower shoes since I always like to walk around in my bare feet. When I lived in TUVALU I always walked around the beach and our house without shoes on. I am wearing my flower shoes. I only wear my flower shoes for special events like the Kickapoo Puppet Parade, and Opposites Day of course! My Flower shoes are BIODEGRADABLE so someday they might become a beautiful garden of pink, yellow, purple, and white flowers on our farm if I plant them in the ground.