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My flower smell project

Jun 28

Beatrice's flower smell projectI am doing a smell research project on flowers. I walk through our prairie fields to smell and rank each flower I find. Today I smelled a big bunch of thistles. Ouch! The thistle leaves have thorns. I had to be careful so my nose did not get poked by the thorns like my fingers did. The thistle flower is a very pretty purple but does not smell at all. I think I have to change my project to include flowers that do not smell!

Vaudeville host Eric

Jun 24

Eric The Gray Wolf

Eric is a gray wolf. He is a very distant relative of Myles since Myles is a dog and Eric is a wolf. Eric is also very polite and the host for Horace and Dolores’s Muskrat Vaudeville which is on tour right now in Wisconsin’s famous Northwoods.

Eric is a very good comedian he knows a lot of jokes about the forest, and how humans are crazy mammals. He also is good at digging holes which is a great skill needed for planting trees!


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Kickapoo River log homes

Jun 24

Kickapoo River homesMy friends and I saw so many amazing things on our trip in the Kickapoo River. My mom and dad gave me a book about native Wisconsin plants and birds. We saw so many kinds of birds and beautiful flowers. There were big snapping turtles, and cute small, pretty. painted turtles sunning themselves on the logs that had fallen into the river. Some logs were places where birds relaxed other logs were new homes for bright green moss, and tall thin grasses. The logs in the water were floating homes for so many happy animals along our trip down the Kickapoo

Canoeing on the Kickapoo

Jun 23

It was a beautiful day today. My friends went canoeing with me on the Kickapoo River the world’s crookedest river. We saw so many amazing things like giant lily pads, painted turtle, a giant crane, and of course frogs everywhere. The FROGS are always so noisy, boing, boing, boing.

Muskrat Vaudeville

Jun 15

The cute furry owners of the Muskrat Vaudeville Show

Horace and Dolores are best friends they go everywhere together. They are also my friends they help me with finding small branches and grasses that help cover the baby plants we are growing outside. Horace and Dolores perform all over Wisconsin in a Vaudeville show.

My dad said a Vaudeville show is very fun to watch because you might get to see jugglers, clowns, music, poetry, and people acting in a play. I told my dad that there are no people in this vaudeville show only muskrats.

The cutest rabbit

Jun 14

albino bunnyAlice is the cutest bunny on our farm. She has cute white fur, and very cute pink nose, and even pink eyes. My dad told me that Alice is an albino bunny that is why her eyes are pink and fur is white. He said that she is just as healthy as any other rabbit. She is my favorite rabbit she plays guitar and likes poetry.

One, two, plant, grow

Jun 13

One two plant growMy friends and I are making a simple packet for starting your own garden at home.
We want everybody everywhere to have a chance to grow their own food. The steps are One: get some seeds. Two: get a small pot. Three: get some dirt. Four: put the dirt in the pot. Five: put the seeds in the dirt and cover them up. Six: water the seeds. Seven: Watch your seeds become a cute plant. Make sure you put your pot near a sunny window! Good Luck! That’s our idea I hope people like it. I am sending the packets to my relatives in Tuvalu.

Cotton Candy Tree

Jun 13

cotton candy treeSome friends in my town make organic cotton candy. They use their own sugar,
and coloring from cherries on their farm to make the best cotton candy in Wisconsin. Spring makes the apple orchards bloom with pink flowers and look like a huge forest of giant cotton candy trees.

Madison Flower Market

Jun 06

Morrie the Electric Truck

Morrie the Electric Truck

This morning, my mom, dad, Myles and I went to the Madison Flower Market with our newest, prettiest flowers from our field. MORRIE the Electric Truck took us to Madison. I really like the Flower Market there are so many flowers of all kinds and shapes. Some people that come to the Madison Flower Market buy flowers for weddings. Some people buy flowers for their restaurants some people buy flowers for their homes. Or some people just buy the flowers for themselves because flowers make everyone happy.

Morrie is an electric truck made in Wisconsin!

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Hens need food

Jun 05

Feeding the hens

Feeding time for the hens

This morning I fed the hens, or girls as my mom and dad call them. This morning was so warm, all the chickens were out walking everywhere, scratching with their claws, pecking the ground with their beaks, and making their cute noises.

Myles has to stay inside the house since some of the chickens are not familiar with him like Haley and Ophelia are.