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Earth’s clubhouse

May 31

On MondayEarth's clubhouse, the hens and I cleaned one of the barns on our farm. This barn used to be a big bee house it is now our clubhouse where we store our trees, seeds, watering cans, and all the things we need to make the Earth more green and healthy.

Bees and brown flowers

May 30

no brown flower soapYesterday, Kirby and I made soap. I wanted to make flower-shaped soap but he only wanted
to make robot-shaped soap. Since we were in my house we made flower-shaped soaps. Kirby made a lot of green and brown flowers. He is so crazy there are no brown flowers in nature. Bees aren’t going to visit brown flowers? Bees like pretty flowers like I made, pinks, purples, and blues.

Walks in Flowers valley

May 27

exploding flowers of colorThe valleys around our farm are full of beautfiul flowers everywhere. Myles, Violet, and I hiked through the valley looking at all the pinks, purples, whites, yellows, and the bright colors all around. Walks in the flowers’ valley always make me very happy.

Geography Bee for me!

May 26

Beatrice dreams of Geography Bee

Beatrice trains for Geography Bee

Dear journal, my favorite subject is geography as I told you earlier. I like the class because we learn about people from different countries, and all the capitals too! Sometimes our teacher has a geography bee in class. I always like to compete especially against the boys. I am very good at guessing most of the country’s capitals. Someday I will know “hello” and “thank you” in every country’s language and will be in the state geography bee.

Coyotes howling outside!

May 25

The majestic Gray Wolves

Last night, coyotes were howling outside my window. It was a full moon. It was scary but Myles was with me so it was okay. Myles knows some of the coyotes in our forest but I am not sure which pack was howling outside.

My ducks plant vegetables

May 24

Toy duck planters

Seed planting toy ducks

Today, I am planting the seeds of native vegetable and fruit plants. My dad made me these special, toy ducks out of barn wood for planting seeds. They are five, cute yellow ducks in two rows! When I pull the wooden ducks they dig the dirt, plant and then cover the seeds with soil in my beautiful vegetable garden.

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Washing Day!

May 24

Beatrice line dry clothesToday is wash day. We have a very, very, old washing machine it looks like a rusty robot. A long time ago, my dad found the washing machine under some hay in the barn. He said to my mom “we should reuse this machine” and she said “yes we should” so he cleaned and repaired the old washing machine. The noisy, cranky windmill near the barn makes the washing machine run.

After washing, we hang our clothes outside on a rope on the second floor porch to dry which makes the clothing smell so fresh and clean!

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Four Scarlet Tanagers visit

May 23

Four Scarlet TanagersFour Scarlet Tanagers! We saw the four, cute birds this weekend when my friends were planting trees and grasses by the open field. Kirby, Isabel and I saw the four Scarlet Tanagers land one at a time in the trees around us. I had my binoculars so we could see the cute birds in the tree very close up. So quickly the cute, orange birds visited us and so quickly they disappeared like flashes of fire into the forest.

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My Flower shoes

May 22

Flower shoesI have some really cute shoes my dad bought me for school. I don’t like to wear shoes but these shoes are very cool. These cute, pink shoes are cool because they are only made out of recycled materials. if you plant the shoes in the dirt they are will disappear because they are biodegradable and they will become beautiful flowers in your garden!

Bear and rabbit picnic

May 21

Wisconsin Black BearThis afternoon Mildred and Nellie invited me to go on a picnic with them in the forest. Mildred made a lovely pasta salad, and Nellie brought vegetable chili. They made the food from what they found in the forest, except the pasta, and chili peppers,
and I gave them some of that and our home grown, tomatoes.