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Happy Thanksgiving…pie!

Nov 24

Eat local apples

Should I choose Cortland or Ida Red apples?

My mom told me to get a basket of apples from our storage
in the barn. We are going to make some apple pie for Thanksgiving,
yummy!! Apples can last a long time stored, and they all
came from our friend’s farm!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Things to make you happy.

Nov 16

Paw Paw fruit

native wisconsin fruit

I can find so many things to make me happy here is one of my lists:
  • Eat lots of Paw Paw.
  • Scratch your dog’s belly.
  • A warm cup of apple cider.
  • All the stars in the sky at night.
  • The sound of the stream near my house.

It’s raining outside.

Nov 11

This is a picture of my friend.  He is a vole, he is friends with all the animals in the forest. He also helped me learn a lot about the forest, the trees, the plants,
and bird songs.