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Earth Day is coming!

Apr 14


EARTH DAY is only eight days away! My forest friends and I have so many exciting things we are doing to celebrate EARTH DAY.

We are alway thinking that EARTH DAY is everyday. We try to make small changes in our lives to help the PLANET.

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day?

Making a cute recycling box

Jul 11

cute recycling boxMy friends and I have another idea for a small project at home to help save the planet. 1. Find a big box in your home. Boxes make a great place for putting recycling things in.

2. Make the box into a very, cute recycling box by gluing colorful, construction paper with non-toxic paste to the sides, or you can paint the sides, or draw on them. You can draw a silly face on the recycling box like I did, or flowers, or trees or a smiling earth. It is better if you find colored paper to cover your box that is 100% post-consumer, or recycled!

3. Your new cute recycling box is ready to use. You, your mom, or dad can start saving the planet by putting used papers, cardboard, glass or plastic containers (with the recycling logo) in your cute recycling box!