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Solar Box Kites

Apr 22

Dear Diary,

Happy Earth Day! Yes, it’s Earth Day which was started in WISCONSIN and is now celebrated all over the world. People in Wisconsin, in Vermont, in Puerto Rico, in China, in Japan, every where on our planet are planting trees and cleaning rivers and streams to protect and honor our home called Earth.

For Earth Day, in the prairies on my farm we made trees out of old horse yolks and water pumps. At the end of each branch on the tree we tied box kites with very long kite string. These box kites are very special because they use the wind to lift into the sky above all the trees around, and collect energy from the sun. Each side of the box kite is a solar panel made from old camera film! Not only does the box kite make electricty from solar but inside each box kite is a small propeller which turns as the wind blows. The spinning propellers also create electricity! We tried to make these box kites last year but we could not find enough old camera film. We were so excited to launch 24 box kites in celebration of Earth Day!

Can you think of something small you would like to do to honor the planet we call Earth? Maybe you can start a compost program at your school with your class mates.

Commuting by Ice boat

Feb 16

         Dear diary,
         Today I went to school with my friends Cecile and Edna on my
         new igloo ICE boat. We sailed along the very, very frozen Kickapoo          river and through the farm fields of our friends to commute to          work. Eric, who is a timber wolf, came with us in case we ran into          any problems with a rough gang of squirrels that hangs out          near the forest on Krebson’s farm close to the school. Ophelia the          hen sat at the front of the boat as our look out.

         My ice boat is of course made of ice. But all parts on the boat are          upcycled from other things we found in our barn. I use an old          ski boot on a ski to steer the ice boat. The ice boat has four big old          skis so it moves quickly through the snow. The sail is made of          antique, empty, grain bags, and the wood is all from a
         broken barn.

Can you think of different ways you can get to school without using a car?

Valentine’s Day ice hearts

Jan 17

Today my friends surprised me! After school they led me up the hill back behind my house. And there for my eyes to see was beautiful Asmina the Paw Paw tree with pretty pink hearts made from ice hanging from her branches. My forest friends all screamed at once Happy Valentine’s Day Beatrice! I didn’t want to ruin their surprise and tell them that Valentine’s Day is on February 14th not today. I think they want Asimina to look pretty all winter with the pink ice hearts.

My forest friends made the cute hearts by freezing water and cherry juice (from a Wisconsin orchard) in old, tin butter molds shaped like hearts they got from Virgina’s Attic an antique store owned by three wonderful woodchucks.

Vaudeville host Eric

Jun 24

Eric The Gray Wolf

Eric is a gray wolf. He is a very distant relative of Myles since Myles is a dog and Eric is a wolf. Eric is also very polite and the host for Horace and Dolores’s Muskrat Vaudeville which is on tour right now in Wisconsin’s famous Northwoods.

Eric is a very good comedian he knows a lot of jokes about the forest, and how humans are crazy mammals. He also is good at digging holes which is a great skill needed for planting trees!


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