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The Muskrats Misspelled

Apr 15
Muskrat Vaudeville

The number one Muskrat Vaudeville Show on Earth

I just got back from seeing my second Muskrat Vaudeville show live.
I really enjoyed seeing all the muskrats perform crazy tricks,
and stunts. I know animals are polite as are some humans. But
someone needs to tell the muskrats that they mispelled the word
Vaudeville on their lighted sign. The sign is up during the whole
show so you never forget that the muskrats can’t spell some words,
well one specific word.

I do recommend you see the show if you are around our part of Wisconsin
just don’t tell the muskrats about their error.

Muskrat Vaudeville Show

Jul 20

Muskrat Vaudeville

The number one Muskrat Vaudeville Show on Earth

Today I got to see the Muskrat Vaudeville Show for the first time. My dad was right it was so much fun. So many talented muskrats live near me. One of the most exciting things I saw was muskrat gymnasts making a pyramid. They are all so cute too!

Muskrats are also very gregarious, they like to be around a big pile of other muskrats especially during the winter to stay warm and share
a communal space for water.

Vaudeville host Eric

Jun 24

Eric The Gray Wolf

Eric is a gray wolf. He is a very distant relative of Myles since Myles is a dog and Eric is a wolf. Eric is also very polite and the host for Horace and Dolores’s Muskrat Vaudeville which is on tour right now in Wisconsin’s famous Northwoods.

Eric is a very good comedian he knows a lot of jokes about the forest, and how humans are crazy mammals. He also is good at digging holes which is a great skill needed for planting trees!


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