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Spring Geography Bee

Apr 14


The Spring Geography Bee is back. I have been studying everyday even on
Saturday. On Saturday, I study for at least 9 hours. This year I want
to win the Geography Bee and go to the state finals in Madison.
And someday I hope to go to Washington D.C. for the national
spelling bee competition.

Bees Bouncing on Blossoms

Apr 26

Today I looked out my window with my nature periscope and counted bees flying from apple tree to pear tree, to cherry tree. The bees float across the sky around the beautiful flowers like little bright flashes of light. The bees make me smile when I see them, I know some of honey bees are probably from Kirby’s bee hives. Bees help fruit trees make fruit by pollinating the flowers, that is why they are so important to farmers.

Have you heard of permaculture? Apple trees are a good example of permaculture.

Can you think of other examples of permaculture?

Earth’s clubhouse

May 31

On MondayEarth's clubhouse, the hens and I cleaned one of the barns on our farm. This barn used to be a big bee house it is now our clubhouse where we store our trees, seeds, watering cans, and all the things we need to make the Earth more green and healthy.