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Crocus vs. Hyacinth

Apr 19

Beatrice's flower smell project

Dear Diary,

As you know I am always working on my GREAT Smell
Research project. It is very difficult work and I am very well
qualified for this mission. No one asked me to this but some day Kirby said maybe all my research will be used to make the world a smellier place. I didn’t write that in the journal Kirby did but I’ll leave it this time because it is funny. Myles and I will get
him back.

Today I review the smells of two Spring flowers:

1) The Crocus
2) The Hyacinth

The results are in. Upon further review I rate
The flowers as follows:

1. I rate the Hyacinth’s smell as LOVELY.
2. I rate the Crocus’s smell as PRETTY.

Congratulations to both flowers!

Ranking smells Time

Apr 03

Beatrice's flower smell project
Dear Diary,

The crocuses are blooming around our farm house. We did not plant them, the flowers came with the house!

I can’t wait to start my smell research project again. As you know one of my favorite flower smells is the one that smells like Chocolate.

I think I would like to make my own perfume with Wisconsin prairie flowers.
I am excited that Earth Day is coming soon!!!

Jezebel’s Trout Farm

Mar 29

troutfarm Tonight we are eating fish! I love fish. My favorite place to buy fish is from my friend Jezebel’s trout farm. She lives down the hill from my farm. They raise rainbow trout on their farm as well many kinds of vegetables and raspberries. Jezebel’s Mom has a small greenhouse where she grows beautiful flowers for the tourists to buy and bring back to their gardens.

Someday Jezebel and I want to open our own flowers market we would invite farmer’s from all over the Kickapoo Valley to sell their flowers there.

I took a photograph of Jezebel’s trout farm. Did you know that it is not
proper to take a picture of the Amish people? It’s true. That is why I only photograph of farm animals, gardens, and buildings whenever I take pictures of Amish Farms for my photo album.

Will Allen, the founder and president of Growing Power Inc, Milwaukee, Wisconsin has created a system of growing greens and Tilapia. He uses
an innovative technology called AQUAPONICS.

Smells like chocolate

Sep 12

Beatrice's flower smell projectI can’t believe it I found a flower in the prairie that smells like chocolate. It is a pretty yellow flower with 10 petals and a pretty orange center. My mom told me that the yellow flower is part of a plant genus called Rudbeckia, and that the center of the flower is made up of parts called the stigma, pistil and stamen. In my journal I am going to draw a diagram of a flower with the names of all the parts. I will let you know when I am done.

I am giving this chocolate smelling flower my highest ranking on my smell chart lovely!

Non-smelling cute flowers

Aug 19

Beatrice's flower smell project
Dear Diary,

Today I smelled the latest flowers blooming in our prairie, Black-eyed Susans, and Golden Rod. Neither of them are very good for your nose, and actually I wish I did not smell them because I sneezed, twice! But these two flowers are very pretty and my friends and I hope moms and dads let kids go outside and explore the prairies near them. I am still doing my smell research project. Thank you!

Do your own flower hunting with the summer guide for prairie flowers
from the Illinois DNR:

My Smell Project continues

Jul 28

Beatrice's flower smell projectDear Diary, I added one of my favorite flowers to my smell project today. I love the Chickory flowers they are so beautiful bluish purple, and look like pompoms. I have never smelled them before so I was excited. I put my nose down into the flower and took a big whiff, nothing. The Chickory flower is so beautiful but does not smell. That’s okay they are still one of my favorite flowers. I think my next research project I will make a list of my favorite flowers that do not smell.

My flower smell project

Jun 28

Beatrice's flower smell projectI am doing a smell research project on flowers. I walk through our prairie fields to smell and rank each flower I find. Today I smelled a big bunch of thistles. Ouch! The thistle leaves have thorns. I had to be careful so my nose did not get poked by the thorns like my fingers did. The thistle flower is a very pretty purple but does not smell at all. I think I have to change my project to include flowers that do not smell!

Walks in Flowers valley

May 27

exploding flowers of colorThe valleys around our farm are full of beautfiul flowers everywhere. Myles, Violet, and I hiked through the valley looking at all the pinks, purples, whites, yellows, and the bright colors all around. Walks in the flowers’ valley always make me very happy.