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Kitchen Worm Farm

Jan 18

Today I visited the worm farm under our kitchen sink. My dad recently built this farm for me and my forest friends. The worms in the box convert our table scraps into beautiful fertilizer and black soil! They also create worm juice which we collect in the bottom box.
The worms make free fertilizer! Just don’t feed them onion skins or orange peels the worms don’t like it because it irritates their skin.

Chipmunk salsa buffet

Sep 15

Today, Myles and our animal friends watched the chipmunks through the screen door on the back porch the whole day. There is a rumor in the forest valley that the chipmunks are opening and all-you-can-eat salsa buffet. There is already an all-you-can-eat nacho chips buffet near our house that some other chipmunks opened.

My mom said she hopes that the new salsa buffet opening does not mean that the hot peppers and tomatoes in our gardens start disappearing.

Myles makes Gray Water

Aug 30

Gray water captureDear Diary, today we gave Myles a bath. He does not mind getting a bath in the summer because he knows the water cools him down. He is a very helpful dog he lifts each of his paws so we can clean each of his legs. When we were finished washing Myles we remove the water from the bathtub with small, recycled plastic pots. We use Myles’ bath water for watering the indoor herb garden in our kitchen.

Bath water is REUSABLE and also known as GRAY WATER. Why is it called gray water? It is called gray water because the water looks gray from the dirt and soap. You can also use the gray water from washing dishes in the kitchen to water your garden too!

Chipmunk hunting

Aug 18

Chipmunk hunter

Myles spent the entire day looking out the sliding glass door on our porch watching chipmunks. Myles head moved back and forth as he watched the chipmunks. His ears twitched as he listened closely to what the chipmunks might be saying about him or our house. Maybe the chipmunks were not talking at all, but they were noisy for Myles.

When you have a healthy, backyard garden animals will live and play in it. And a healthy backyard garden helps animals and the planet.