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Washing Day!

May 24

Beatrice line dry clothesToday is wash day. We have a very, very, old washing machine it looks like a rusty robot. A long time ago, my dad found the washing machine under some hay in the barn. He said to my mom “we should reuse this machine” and she said “yes we should” so he cleaned and repaired the old washing machine. The noisy, cranky windmill near the barn makes the washing machine run.

After washing, we hang our clothes outside on a rope on the second floor porch to dry which makes the clothing smell so fresh and clean!

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My Flower shoes

May 22

Flower shoesI have some really cute shoes my dad bought me for school. I don’t like to wear shoes but these shoes are very cool. These cute, pink shoes are cool because they are only made out of recycled materials. if you plant the shoes in the dirt they are will disappear because they are biodegradable and they will become beautiful flowers in your garden!