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My Vinegar Library (part 2)

Apr 11


I think I have the world’s largest vinegar library. I have all kinds of vinegars in jars from A to Z. Now Kirby says he has a bigger vinegar library than I do. What he doesn’t know is that during the winter my forest friends helped me create 24 new recipes! I now have 137 different vinegars to choose from.

Some of the new recipes I think animals would like better than humans.
That is not surprising since some of the newest recipes come from muskrats, woodchucks, and a black bear. Maybe some people will not like ants in their vinegar.

Anyone one in my hometown can borrow any vinegars if they want to use a jar for dinner or lunch. My friends also borrow my recipe cards if they
like a vinegar in the library.

Top five books only

May 21

top five no top ten favorite booksToday, my dad took me to the library. I think I was there for eight hours there were so many books I wanted to read. Every time I walked to another shelf there was another book I wanted to read. When the librarian told us that the library was closing in fifteen minutes I didn’t know what to do. My dad said I had pick out my top five favorite books out of all the ones I wanted to read. He then changed his mind and said “oh okay top ten.”