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A Letter to My Best Friend

Mar 29

Today, I wrote a letter after school to my best friend in Tuvalu, Raita. I made some new stationery, with recycled paper and added seeds into it as it dried. I know she will plant the stationery in her garden after she reads my letter.

I invited her to visit me this Summer in Wisconsin. I hope she can come here to see my farm, and meet my forest friends. I know she would like meeting Jezebel too. I am sure she would like to see the Earth’s Clubhouse, and all the experiments my friends and I are doing to save the planet.

My Dad is driving me tomorrow in Morrie the Electric Truck to Viroqua so I can pick out some pretty stamps at the Post Office. I hope I am finished with my letter writing by then! I like to write!

My favorite root vegetables

Jan 20

Actually root vegetables are my favorite vegetables because you can make so many kinds of food with them. Soups, salads, baked things, lasagnas, pies, empanadas, smoothies made from root vegetables are all very delicious!

So which root vegetables are the best in the whole world? It is obvious that these five are the top of all top vegetables: 5. Turnip 4. Radish 3. Carrot 2. Diakon 1. CELERIAC!

The best thing about root vegetables is that you can buy them from a farm near you! These veggies are very strong and last very long time when you store them in a cool place like a root cellar. So buy some now!

What are your favorite vegetables? Do you visit the farmer’s market in your town?

Chipmunk salsa buffet

Sep 15

Today, Myles and our animal friends watched the chipmunks through the screen door on the back porch the whole day. There is a rumor in the forest valley that the chipmunks are opening and all-you-can-eat salsa buffet. There is already an all-you-can-eat nacho chips buffet near our house that some other chipmunks opened.

My mom said she hopes that the new salsa buffet opening does not mean that the hot peppers and tomatoes in our gardens start disappearing.

Happy Opposites Day!

Jul 08

Happy Opposites Day!Dear Diary, according to Kirby today is Opposites Day! Isabel, Kirby and I are celebrating Opposites Day today. Today we get to do everything opposite. Kirby is walking around with his clothes on backwards, and Isabel is saying it is cold outside when it is hot since it is Summer. I wanted to stay inside and write my plant book but instead I am outside with my DUCKS planting PAW PAW seeds to celebrate Opposites Day.

Kirby told me that I am not celebrating Opposites Day correctly by planting seeds instead of writing my book. He said I should celebrate Opposites Day by doing the opposite of what my parents tell me to do. I told Kirby he can try Opposites Day with his parents instead and see what happens. Kirby said wearing his clothes backwards is best way to celebrate Opposites Day. We are going to have glasses of hot lemonade and some cold soup made with vegetables and fruits from our gardens for lunch today to celebrate Opposites Day.

Muskrat Vaudeville

Jun 15

The cute furry owners of the Muskrat Vaudeville Show

Horace and Dolores are best friends they go everywhere together. They are also my friends they help me with finding small branches and grasses that help cover the baby plants we are growing outside. Horace and Dolores perform all over Wisconsin in a Vaudeville show.

My dad said a Vaudeville show is very fun to watch because you might get to see jugglers, clowns, music, poetry, and people acting in a play. I told my dad that there are no people in this vaudeville show only muskrats.

My vinegar library

Jun 02

Beatrice's vinegar libraryI have the world’s largest vinegar library. I have all kinds of vinegars in jars from A to Z. My mom helped me make the first recipes but now I can make most of the vinegar styles myself. Sometimes, Isabel helps me make more vinegars for the library. I have over 1OO kinds of vinegar made from local vegetables, herbs and fruits. My classmates can borrow any vinegars if they want to use a jar for dinner or lunch. My friends also borrow my recipe cards if they like.

My Flower shoes

May 22

Flower shoesI have some really cute shoes my dad bought me for school. I don’t like to wear shoes but these shoes are very cool. These cute, pink shoes are cool because they are only made out of recycled materials. if you plant the shoes in the dirt they are will disappear because they are biodegradable and they will become beautiful flowers in your garden!

Bear and rabbit picnic

May 21

Wisconsin Black BearThis afternoon Mildred and Nellie invited me to go on a picnic with them in the forest. Mildred made a lovely pasta salad, and Nellie brought vegetable chili. They made the food from what they found in the forest, except the pasta, and chili peppers,
and I gave them some of that and our home grown, tomatoes.

Curry, carrots and canoeing

May 17

Curry carrot soupLast night was very cold so after my family canoed on the Kickapoo river my mom made us curry, corn, carrot, squash soup for dinner! She sprinkled dill on top of the soup and also cooked wild rice. All the vegetables in the soup were from our garden last summer
some of them were frozen in our freezer and some were from our big root cellar.

Kickapoo puppets parading

May 16

puppet pageantry of plastic bottlesSaturday, I was in the Kickapoo Valley Puppet Parade with my friend Kirby, and classmates from my school. I saw puppets of all sizes, and all shapes. There were puppets the size of buildings, and as small as your finger.

Everything that most people throw in the garbage was used to make the puppets. All the puppets paraded down the street to a their new home a sculpture garden in the town square. Some of the puppets in the garden will become homes for vegetables and fruits too.

Visit “Procession of the Species” a puppet parade in Madison: