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Spring Geography Bee

Apr 14


The Spring Geography Bee is back. I have been studying everyday even on
Saturday. On Saturday, I study for at least 9 hours. This year I want
to win the Geography Bee and go to the state finals in Madison.
And someday I hope to go to Washington D.C. for the national
spelling bee competition.

Geography Bee for me!

May 26

Beatrice dreams of Geography Bee

Beatrice trains for Geography Bee

Dear journal, my favorite subject is geography as I told you earlier. I like the class because we learn about people from different countries, and all the capitals too! Sometimes our teacher has a geography bee in class. I always like to compete especially against the boys. I am very good at guessing most of the country’s capitals. Someday I will know “hello” and “thank you” in every country’s language and will be in the state geography bee.