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Arbor Day is Every Day.

Apr 29


Every day is a celebration for trees!  A cool breeze by your window, a healthy forest, or shade from the heat there are so many things to thank them for. But for some people like Kirby who forget about trees we honor trees with ARBOR DAY.

Happy Arbor Day to all the pines (conifers) and leaf bearing (deciduous) ones and my tree friend, Asmina the Paw Paw.

Please plant a tree with your school, friends, or family.  Water and care for the trees around your house or along your street.  Plant a tree
to honor your grandpa or grandma, or to wish a happy birthday to
your sister or brother.

Six day Until Earth Day!

Apr 17

Earth's clubhouse

I am counting all the days on my calendar until Earth Day!
My friends and I have worked on so many projects to honor
Earth and Gaylord Nelson. We are very excited to show
them to our classmates next week. We are even putting on
a play about GAYLORD NELSON’s life.

I can’t wait!

Planting 1 billion trees

May 05

Missing April 21st postOn April 21st, my friends and I planted 1OO trees in our back yard for the United Nations’ The Billion Tree Campaign that my mom and dad signed me up for. My forest animals helped me plant baby
maple trees, oak trees, ash trees, and all kinds of pine trees to celebrate
Earth Day.

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