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The Muskrats Misspelled

Apr 15
Muskrat Vaudeville

The number one Muskrat Vaudeville Show on Earth

I just got back from seeing my second Muskrat Vaudeville show live.
I really enjoyed seeing all the muskrats perform crazy tricks,
and stunts. I know animals are polite as are some humans. But
someone needs to tell the muskrats that they mispelled the word
Vaudeville on their lighted sign. The sign is up during the whole
show so you never forget that the muskrats can’t spell some words,
well one specific word.

I do recommend you see the show if you are around our part of Wisconsin
just don’t tell the muskrats about their error.

I saw a Cedar Waxwing!

Apr 15

Yesterday morning I was looking towards the group of pine trees near the stream by our house. I was watching the sun shining through the branches.

All of a sudden I saw a flitter, and some dark object hop and plunge back into the pines. I grabbed my binoculars, and aimed them towards the branches where I saw the object last. I waited. I waited some more still longer until I saw his head peer out of the branches. When he rested on a branch closer to me I realized it was a CEDAR WAXWING! Another bird I can add to my GREAT YEAR LIST.

New Chicken Co-op

Apr 14


Sometimes I call the hen houses, chicken co-ops. Chicken Co-op
is a good name because all the hens are working together and own
their own business.

I know the hen’s homes are called chicken coops. But I live
in Wisconsin, and we have a lot of co-ops here. Our food store
in Kickapoo Valley is a co-op. The taxi cab company here is a
co-op also. A co-op is a business where every worker is a part
owner in the company.

But the real reason I am writing is that we just finished painting
the chicken Coops – co-ops! They will look so beautiful when the
snow is on the ground too. We used MILK PAINT again.

The hen’s are so happy with the new houses as my Dad called them.
The hen’s seem to be standing up straighter than before and their
clucking is louder now.

My Vinegar Library (part 2)

Apr 11


I think I have the world’s largest vinegar library. I have all kinds of vinegars in jars from A to Z. Now Kirby says he has a bigger vinegar library than I do. What he doesn’t know is that during the winter my forest friends helped me create 24 new recipes! I now have 137 different vinegars to choose from.

Some of the new recipes I think animals would like better than humans.
That is not surprising since some of the newest recipes come from muskrats, woodchucks, and a black bear. Maybe some people will not like ants in their vinegar.

Anyone one in my hometown can borrow any vinegars if they want to use a jar for dinner or lunch. My friends also borrow my recipe cards if they
like a vinegar in the library.

My Gaylord Nelson report

Apr 20

Dear Diary, today in class I presented my report on my hero Gaylord Nelson the founder of Earth Day, and a Wisconsin native. As you know Earth Day is in just two days!! I can’t wait!! The chickens and I are looking for creative ways to upcycle old things we found in one of the barns. One idea Ophelia had was to make an old horse yoke, collar into a stick. She said you could use the yoke to point at things. Horace the muskrat said Ophelia’s idea was not her best effort to date. Horace frowned briefly, and said the horse yoke would be better as a post for a mailbox or part of a fence.

I am just glad Ophelia and Horace are speaking to each other again after some (domesticated bird to remain nameless) burned the green bean casserole. The casserole was for the dinner when we were hosting the honorable Tamshing the Binturong from Bhutan. He came to Kickapoo Valley to speak about Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness index at our Earth Day conference held in Ironwood log #12.

What is a Binturong? A binturong is also known as the Asian bearcat, but is not a bear, can climb trees and looks more like a cat.

Vaudeville host Eric

Jun 24

Eric The Gray Wolf

Eric is a gray wolf. He is a very distant relative of Myles since Myles is a dog and Eric is a wolf. Eric is also very polite and the host for Horace and Dolores’s Muskrat Vaudeville which is on tour right now in Wisconsin’s famous Northwoods.

Eric is a very good comedian he knows a lot of jokes about the forest, and how humans are crazy mammals. He also is good at digging holes which is a great skill needed for planting trees!


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Muskrat Vaudeville

Jun 15

The cute furry owners of the Muskrat Vaudeville Show

Horace and Dolores are best friends they go everywhere together. They are also my friends they help me with finding small branches and grasses that help cover the baby plants we are growing outside. Horace and Dolores perform all over Wisconsin in a Vaudeville show.

My dad said a Vaudeville show is very fun to watch because you might get to see jugglers, clowns, music, poetry, and people acting in a play. I told my dad that there are no people in this vaudeville show only muskrats.

Hens need food

Jun 05

Feeding the hens

Feeding time for the hens

This morning I fed the hens, or girls as my mom and dad call them. This morning was so warm, all the chickens were out walking everywhere, scratching with their claws, pecking the ground with their beaks, and making their cute noises.

Myles has to stay inside the house since some of the chickens are not familiar with him like Haley and Ophelia are.

Earth’s clubhouse

May 31

On MondayEarth's clubhouse, the hens and I cleaned one of the barns on our farm. This barn used to be a big bee house it is now our clubhouse where we store our trees, seeds, watering cans, and all the things we need to make the Earth more green and healthy.

Four Scarlet Tanagers visit

May 23

Four Scarlet TanagersFour Scarlet Tanagers! We saw the four, cute birds this weekend when my friends were planting trees and grasses by the open field. Kirby, Isabel and I saw the four Scarlet Tanagers land one at a time in the trees around us. I had my binoculars so we could see the cute birds in the tree very close up. So quickly the cute, orange birds visited us and so quickly they disappeared like flashes of fire into the forest.

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