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Red Squirrel Returns

May 08

Myles and I thought he was gone but actually the squirrel was on vacation for two weeks!  A robin told us the Red Squirrel had gone to Cicero, Illinois for rest and recreation.  I don’t know anything about Cicero, Illinois maybe for squirrels it is a lovely place to visit this time of year.

I don’t care where the Red Squirrel took his vacation.  He’s back now and as mean as ever.  Today, the Red Squirrel returned to the Oak Tree dumping bird seed husks down on us!  Myles and I had to run fast to our porch.  This time I think I saw the Red Squirrel holding a large basket.  Where did he get that from Cicero?

The Red Squirrel’s Mean

Apr 13


The sun is out again, and I am hearing more birds singing when I come
home from school. Myles met me by the mailbox as usual to escort
me back to our house. Today coming up our long gravel path, Myles
ran ahead of me towards the big Oak in our front yard. The Oak Tree is where the Red Squirrel lives. When I got to the tree I heard Myles growling, and saw he was face to face with the Red squirrel.

I am right the squirrel is a giant, he is almost the same size as Myles.
A couple seconds later Myles and the squirrel were nose to nose. “Oh no,” I thought what is going to happen. Then I heard a weird sound come from Myles, and it wasn’t a bark. The squirrel turned and ran up the tree.
I looked at Myles and he was sniffing the tree. I think sound I heard from Myles was a burp!

Snow Animals in the Tree

Mar 29

snowanimalsDearest Diary,
Today I invented a new animal.

I know everyone has seen a snow man before. I have made several hundred snow men this Winter with my friends when we were off from school two days in a row. This newest, best idea is simple if you can climb trees or have a ladder and have adult supervision.

My idea is snow animals, that only live in trees. How do you make snow animals? You can either use the snow that is on the branch of a tree. Or you carry snow in your pockets to the branch where you want your snow animal to live.

I have made as of today, a WOODCHUCK snow animal; a RABBIT snow animal, a ERMINE snow animal; a RAT snow animal; and a DEER snow animal. I forgot I put a MOLE snow animal in the tree by the STREAM near our house.

Please enjoy the snow if you still can. I HAD TO GET PERMISSION FROM MY DAD TO put my snow animal in a tree. He helped me get in the tree safely.

Thank you. Have a nice day!

A Letter from Tuvalu

Mar 28

classmatesToday was so exciting, when I got home from school my Mom gave me an envelope. It was a letter from my best friend in Tuvalu, Raita! It was great to hear from her again. She sent me a photo of her and my friends from school.

Raita asked me when I am coming home to Tuvalu again, I hope to be back soon maybe after school in the Summer. I want to invite my friends from Tuvalu to come to Wisconsin to visit me on my farm. I know they would enjoy meeting all my friends in the Kickapoo Valley, and my best friend in the U.S., Jezebel.

After I do my homework I am writing Raita a letter, and sending her some seeds I saved from my vegetable garden last year. I need to buy more stamps. I love visiting the Post Office, I like collecting American and Tuvaluan stamps. I always like to see the newest stamps available at the Post Office. My favorite stamps are the ones that have cartoons or flowers on them.

See you later!


Visit the Post Office today to get the latest stamps
for your collection U.S. Stamps

Arbor Day every day

Apr 27

Dear Diary,

Today is Arbor Day. Arbor Day is today! Yay! Plant a tree in your yard, plant a tree at your school, plant a tree with your neighbors along the street, plant a tree in the town square, plant a tree every where!

There are all kinds of trees that need love and a home, what better way to help make the Earth a healthier place to live for all of us, and plants, and animals too, plant a tree today!

Commuting by Ice boat

Feb 16

         Dear diary,
         Today I went to school with my friends Cecile and Edna on my
         new igloo ICE boat. We sailed along the very, very frozen Kickapoo          river and through the farm fields of our friends to commute to          work. Eric, who is a timber wolf, came with us in case we ran into          any problems with a rough gang of squirrels that hangs out          near the forest on Krebson’s farm close to the school. Ophelia the          hen sat at the front of the boat as our look out.

         My ice boat is of course made of ice. But all parts on the boat are          upcycled from other things we found in our barn. I use an old          ski boot on a ski to steer the ice boat. The ice boat has four big old          skis so it moves quickly through the snow. The sail is made of          antique, empty, grain bags, and the wood is all from a
         broken barn.

Can you think of different ways you can get to school without using a car?

Geography Bee for me!

May 26

Beatrice dreams of Geography Bee

Beatrice trains for Geography Bee

Dear journal, my favorite subject is geography as I told you earlier. I like the class because we learn about people from different countries, and all the capitals too! Sometimes our teacher has a geography bee in class. I always like to compete especially against the boys. I am very good at guessing most of the country’s capitals. Someday I will know “hello” and “thank you” in every country’s language and will be in the state geography bee.

Turkey Vulture surprise

May 10

turkey vultureYesterday, when my dad was driving me to school, and Morrie was going up a hill I thought I saw this huge, black shadow moving across the ground. When I looked in the air I saw this big, black bird, its’ wings were as wide as the car in front of us!

In school, my teacher taught us that this bird circling in the air was a turkey vulture. We learned that the turkey vulture can soar in the sky for hours, has very good eyesight and sense of smell to look for food. Maybe the vulture was flying above us because she smelled the peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my lunch box.

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Snow day make up

May 07

little beatrice studyingI have so much homework to do, that’s okay because geography and history are my favorite subjects.

Learn more about the National Geographic Bee.

Hoophouses & handbaskets

May 05

Hoophouse cartoon


My school does not have a lot of money so my family helps however we can by donating vegetables for the lunch program. Yesterday I picked green onions, chives, and big, red, aeroponic tomatoes from our hoophouse. I am very excited to bring my vegetables to our cafeteria’s kitchen tomorrow!