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Myles makes Gray Water

Aug 30

Gray water captureDear Diary, today we gave Myles a bath. He does not mind getting a bath in the summer because he knows the water cools him down. He is a very helpful dog he lifts each of his paws so we can clean each of his legs. When we were finished washing Myles we remove the water from the bathtub with small, recycled plastic pots. We use Myles’ bath water for watering the indoor herb garden in our kitchen.

Bath water is REUSABLE and also known as GRAY WATER. Why is it called gray water? It is called gray water because the water looks gray from the dirt and soap. You can also use the gray water from washing dishes in the kitchen to water your garden too!

Vertical Farming Tree

Jul 18

Vertical Farming TreeToday I visited one of the Vertical Farming Trees near our Earth Clubhouse. We have many Vertical Farming Trees around our farm. These trees are made by Kirby’s father out of metal. We grow most of our vegetables on these special trees. When it is Spring we plant the vegetable seeds in small holes on the trees’s branches. Recycled water, and nutrients flow through the metal branches of the trees to feed our growing vegetable plants.

Vertical Farming Trees help us use less land on our farm since the vegetable plants growing on these trees do not need to grow in the ground. We use less land on our farm for growing vegetables with these trees so we have more room to plant more native WISCONSIN plants in the ground to help the earth breathe better!

Washing Day!

May 24

Beatrice line dry clothesToday is wash day. We have a very, very, old washing machine it looks like a rusty robot. A long time ago, my dad found the washing machine under some hay in the barn. He said to my mom “we should reuse this machine” and she said “yes we should” so he cleaned and repaired the old washing machine. The noisy, cranky windmill near the barn makes the washing machine run.

After washing, we hang our clothes outside on a rope on the second floor porch to dry which makes the clothing smell so fresh and clean!

More about washing clothes: