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Arbor Day every day

Apr 27

Dear Diary,

Today is Arbor Day. Arbor Day is today! Yay! Plant a tree in your yard, plant a tree at your school, plant a tree with your neighbors along the street, plant a tree in the town square, plant a tree every where!

There are all kinds of trees that need love and a home, what better way to help make the Earth a healthier place to live for all of us, and plants, and animals too, plant a tree today!

Tree Rescue

Jul 22

Love a tree and it will love youLove a tree and it will love you and the earth back. My dad and I rescued some trees today that were being thrown away by a store in our town. The store owner was sad because he could not help the trees now since no one was buying them. The summer is very hot now and the trees looked so sad, the leaves were gone. My dad told the nice store owner we can help him we will make the trees healthy again. The store owner agreed to give the trees to us!

The trees now are happy they all have green leaves and stand very tall and proud. Love a tree and it will love us all.

Cooperation in the tree

May 19

cooperation in the treeThe squirrels live downstairs from the opossums. The opossums live downstairs from the owls. They all live together in a crooked, dead oak tree at the top of the hill.

Sometimes there is complaining in the tree. Sometimes the squirrels play their music too loud, or the owls make too much hooting noises. Or sometimes the opossums just hang around upside down all day, but they all get along, cooperation is the word my mom taught me.

Turkey Vulture surprise

May 10

turkey vultureYesterday, when my dad was driving me to school, and Morrie was going up a hill I thought I saw this huge, black shadow moving across the ground. When I looked in the air I saw this big, black bird, its’ wings were as wide as the car in front of us!

In school, my teacher taught us that this bird circling in the air was a turkey vulture. We learned that the turkey vulture can soar in the sky for hours, has very good eyesight and sense of smell to look for food. Maybe the vulture was flying above us because she smelled the peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my lunch box.

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Visiting bats at night!

May 05

missing post from mishap may 5 When it is night time, my friend Jazzbat and his family fly through the sky searching for insects to eat. If I finish my homework early, my mom and dad let me go outside at night and visit Jazzbat. He wears a black beret when I see him hanging from one of Asmina’s branches. Jazzbat of course listens to jazz music so my mom and dad bought some old jazz records from the antique store for me to give as a present.

Jazzbat is a Pipistrelle, more information about him and his family:

Earth Day is every day

May 05

from post missing april 22nd earth day April 22nd Earth Day was celebrated all over the world!

My Auntie and Uncle planted trees in Tuvalu to celebrate. My family planted Paw Paw trees here in Wisconsin on our farm to honor Tuvalu and my grandparents.

A Billion Acts of Green at Earth Day.

Planting 1 billion trees

May 05

Missing April 21st postOn April 21st, my friends and I planted 1OO trees in our back yard for the United Nations’ The Billion Tree Campaign that my mom and dad signed me up for. My forest animals helped me plant baby
maple trees, oak trees, ash trees, and all kinds of pine trees to celebrate
Earth Day.

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