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My poem about Wisconsin

Oct 26

I love my home in Wisconsin. The pretty hills, and crooked rivers, the big blue lakes, and giant green forests, I love my home in Wisconsin. The crazy animal friends, my even crazier, human friend Kirby and his stupid robot, my town, and my school mates, my neighbor Isabel and her family,
I love my home in Wisconsin.
Thank you.

Happy Opposites Day!

Jul 08

Happy Opposites Day!Dear Diary, according to Kirby today is Opposites Day! Isabel, Kirby and I are celebrating Opposites Day today. Today we get to do everything opposite. Kirby is walking around with his clothes on backwards, and Isabel is saying it is cold outside when it is hot since it is Summer. I wanted to stay inside and write my plant book but instead I am outside with my DUCKS planting PAW PAW seeds to celebrate Opposites Day.

Kirby told me that I am not celebrating Opposites Day correctly by planting seeds instead of writing my book. He said I should celebrate Opposites Day by doing the opposite of what my parents tell me to do. I told Kirby he can try Opposites Day with his parents instead and see what happens. Kirby said wearing his clothes backwards is best way to celebrate Opposites Day. We are going to have glasses of hot lemonade and some cold soup made with vegetables and fruits from our gardens for lunch today to celebrate Opposites Day.