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Visiting bats at night!

May 05

missing post from mishap may 5 When it is night time, my friend Jazzbat and his family fly through the sky searching for insects to eat. If I finish my homework early, my mom and dad let me go outside at night and visit Jazzbat. He wears a black beret when I see him hanging from one of Asmina’s branches. Jazzbat of course listens to jazz music so my mom and dad bought some old jazz records from the antique store for me to give as a present.

Jazzbat is a Pipistrelle, more information about him and his family:

Earth Day is every day

May 05

from post missing april 22nd earth day April 22nd Earth Day was celebrated all over the world!

My Auntie and Uncle planted trees in Tuvalu to celebrate. My family planted Paw Paw trees here in Wisconsin on our farm to honor Tuvalu and my grandparents.

A Billion Acts of Green at Earth Day.

My Paw Paw tree friend

Mar 07

Paw Paw TreeAfter school I went up the hill behind our house to visit the Paw Paw tree. She is so pretty in the winter covered with snow. Her name is Asimina! I read her a story that I wrote about Tuvalu and Wisconsin. I told her that she would love to meet all the beautiful trees in Tuvalu and that she reminds our family of home.

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