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Solar cider cooker

Sep 27

Dear Diary, today was very exciting we made our own apple cider! We picked our own apples and washed them. We cored the apples, and mashed them to make juice. We finally cooked the apple juice with a SOLAR COOKER to make it safe to drink which is called pasteurization.

How does a solar cooker work? The sun’s rays hit the shiny metal or foil covered card boards and then bounce onto the black pot of apple cider. The heat of the sun cooks the apple juice!

You can help feed families in Africa by buying a solar cooker to send them:
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Travis the composter

May 09

Travis the hungry composterAfter dinner, if our family has left over food scraps my dad will say “Travis is hungry.” Travis is always hungry, and we feed him lots of food like orange peels, apple cores, walnut shells, fish bones, coffee grinds, potato peelings, tea bags, and egg shells.

Today, we are feeding Travis rhubarb stems, onion skins, burned toast, some of Myles’ fur, pencil shavings, dust bunnies, and olive pits. Yuck. Travis turns the yucky food into beautiful nutrients we use to feed our fruit and vegetable gardens.

Learn more about building your own composter for your home.
Find out about step-by-step worm composting.

Earth Day is every day

May 05

from post missing april 22nd earth day April 22nd Earth Day was celebrated all over the world!

My Auntie and Uncle planted trees in Tuvalu to celebrate. My family planted Paw Paw trees here in Wisconsin on our farm to honor Tuvalu and my grandparents.

A Billion Acts of Green at Earth Day.

Amish jams

May 05

I walked down the long gravel road with my dad and Myles to my friend Isabel’s farm store. My best friend Isabel, and her brother Jeb were working in their family’s store. Their mom and aunt make some very delicious jams, candy, bread and muffins. We bought three jars of jam. I of course picked my favorite mixed berry and my dad likes strawberry rhubarb jams.

My Paw Paw tree friend

Mar 07

Paw Paw TreeAfter school I went up the hill behind our house to visit the Paw Paw tree. She is so pretty in the winter covered with snow. Her name is Asimina! I read her a story that I wrote about Tuvalu and Wisconsin. I told her that she would love to meet all the beautiful trees in Tuvalu and that she reminds our family of home.

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